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Mid-Atlantic Frylow at the National Restaurant Association Show

At the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this week.
The US Frylow Distributors

The Science of Frylow

The science behind Frylow.


  • Extends oil life up to 400%.
  • Makes better tasting healthier food due to less oil being used.
  • Creates less environmental waste.
  • Healthier, up to 20% fewer calories.
  • Lower utility usage due to lower cooking temperatures needed.
  • 5-year warranty.

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Why should you ask if your favorite restaurant uses Frylow in their deep fryer?

Two pieces of freshly fried fish with chips and a slice of lemon

For many of us, nothing provides the comfort of our favorite deep-fried foods. So… if you’re going to eat delicious deep fried foods, wouldn’t you

prefer them to be lower in fat and calories, crispier and lighter tasting and lower in unhealthy acrylamides? Placing a Frylow in the deep fryer changes the polarity of the oil molecules so that food naturally repels the oil instead of absorbing it. This allows the food to be cooked faster, at a lower temperature, thus reducing harmful acrylamides and producing crispier, lighter and less oily food.

As many customers have realized: “There is simply no comparison between food cooked with a Frylow and food cooked without.”  

Food cooked in a deep fryer using Frylow is healthier, crispier and better tasting!

When you order deep fried food…ask your favorite restaurant if they use Frylow. If they don’t then find a venue that does use Frylow and experience the difference for yourself!

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Frylow Case Study - Patrizio Restaurant

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